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What to Expect with
Psychological Testing

There are several STEPS in the testing process.    
1. An initial intake session is scheduled to gather information about background, history, and current problems of the person to be tested. Your regular office copay/fee will be collected for this session.        
If testing is for a minor, go to Services for Minors- -Services for Minors and Downloadable Forms.  This form is required before testing can be scheduled.

2. If your insurance requires pre-authorization, it may take a few weeks to obtain this authoriza-tion.

3. The next step is to set up an appointment to be tested in our office. Several hours may be required to complete the testing.   Someone from our office will call you to set up this appointment.   

be prepared to pay fees, copays, or deductible that may apply, before the testing is started.  If your insurance does not cover psychological testing, our fees are $150 per unit of testing.
Our office staff will contact your insurance company and give you an ESTIMATE of what you will need to pay before the testing is started.  After the claim is filed, your insurance company may require you to pay an additional amount. Please check your psychological testing benefits (procedure codes 96101 and 96118) with your insurance company benefits department.   
5. It is helpful if you bring something to drink and a snack to eat.  Children will enjoy and may require this as the testing can take several hours.  Children are given short breaks during the testing process. 
6. A feedback session is scheduled to give test results to the individual and/or parents. It usually takes two weeks to score the testing, interpret the results, and write up the Psychological Evaluation.  Your usual office copay will be collected at this session. 
7. A final written Psychological Evaluation will be given to the individual or parents.  Also, if a healthcare professional referred the person for the evaluation, a copy of the evaluation will be sent to the referring professional.
8. If results are required in a short period of time, we will try our best to accommodate you.


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